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WebWorksheet was designed to utilize all the standard features of Microsoft Excel that you already know how to use. No special programming or insertion of cryptic tags are required. Design the format and formulas of the worksheet using Excel, and then create a web-enabled version which looks and acts exactly like Excel. It's just that easy.
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Full replication of Excel look and feel (fonts, colors, borders, sizes, indentation, number formats, merged cells, hidden rows)
You use all of Excel's formatting power to display the information according to your needs. We read all those settings and replicate them on the web.
Custom functions allow you to create intelligent forms
Read and write data to your MySQL database
Most web hosting companies provide their customers free access to MySQL, a feature-rich relational database. WebWorksheet can save your form data in several formats in MySQL and retrieve that information back again.
Completed forms can be emailed with the click of a button
WebWorksheet contains a function for defining a 'submit' button, when clicked, emails the form and its data to one or more designated recipient(s). The form is embedded in the body of the email and can also be included as as attachment. For security, the recipient is not able to modify the received form, so you can have confidence in the data entered by the user. Recipients can also be identified as cc: or bcc:.
Automatic recalculation on cell change. Optional manual calculation is also available.
As soon as a cell is changed, all the dependent cells update automatically in real-time. There's no button to click or manual recalculation necessary. Starting with version 3.6, you may configure your page to include a manual calculation button for on-demand calculation only.
Supports most widely-used excel functions
It's the 90-10 rule. 90% of all spreadsheets use only 10% of the available functions. We provide all the functions you need to publish your worksheet to the web.
All validations done using standard Excel validations
A powerful feature of Excel that is under-utilized, you can prevent users from entering invalid information in a cell, or provide pop-up comments when a cell is selected.
Includes user-interface controls not available in Excel (e.g. check boxes)
While Excel provides the ability for advanced users to create custom controls via VBA, we make it much easier. We use the validation rules to create drowdown menus and provide a special function for creating independent or dependent checkboxes.
Hidden rows and columns not visible but are included in calculations
Hidden rows and columns are typically used to store data elements or intermediate calculations. WebWorksheet keeps these hidden while fully supporting their use in calculations or lookups.
Navigation to next input cell using tab or enter key
In WebWorksheet, the tab key and the enter keys perform the same function, allowing the user to move to the next input cell. In Excel, tab and enter move to the next cell, even if input is not expected in that cell. We also provide a function to specifically define the tab order in the sequence you want.
Support for conditional formats
As implemented in Excel 2003, font colors, background colors, and borders can be changed in real-time based on cell values or some defined formula. Excel 2007 enhancements, such as data bars and color scales, are not yet supported.
Pages can be encrypted, protecting all data and formulas, with an optional password
Your data and calculations can be protected from prying eyes by using heavy-duty encryption algorithms. You won't need to worry about disclosing any proprietary or confidential data.
Background color and border of active cell is configurable
While Excel provides only a thick border around the active cell, you can customize your page by setting the background color and border thickness, style, and color to enhance the user experience!
Rows and columns can be dynamically shown or hidden based on user input or calculations
Create intelligent, dynamic forms by hiding and showing content based on user selections or formula calculations.
Supports in-cell character formatting (e.g. something red and underlined in the same cell)
In addition to setting the color and style of the font and the background color of the cell, Excel also allows you to set the format for specific characters in a cell. WebWorksheet retains that same formatting.
Cell comments displayed as mouseovers
If you would like to display a message when the mouse hovers over a cell, just place a comment on that cell and we'll transfer that capability to the web without any special programming required.
Images on spreadsheets can be exported and included on web pages
If your spreadsheet contains an image, such as a corporate logo, we provide a toolbar command for extracting that image into a standalone image file, and we also provide a custom function for displaying that image on your web form.
Create links to other pages on your site or other sites using Excel hyperlinks
To create a link on your web form to another place on the form, or to another web page, just define a hyperlink in Excel and we'll use that same link on your web form.
Save partially completed forms on your local workstation
Certain business forms, such as timesheets, are not usually completed in a single session. WebWorksheet allows a user to begin a web form, save the intermediate values on their local computer, update it as often as necessary, and then submit the form when completed.
No 3rd party components required (e.g. Adobe Flash)
Other Excel-to-HTML solutions require installation of third-party software, such as Active-X components, Adobe Flash, Microsoft SilverLight, or Java. We utilize only only W3C-compliant HTML and javascript to create the web page.
Compatible with IE, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari - fully W3C HTML4 compliant!
We've taken considerable effort to ensure the html code we generate is fully complaint with the HTML4 standard published by W3C. This is necessary for the web form to look and act exactly the same across the widest range of browsers on the market.
Fully supported on mobile devices
Because the generated page is pure HTML and javascript, they work perfectly on mobile devices, including Apple and Android.
Lifetime free upgrades!
Believe it! You may download and install each new release as soon as it's available. Who else does that?
How does WebWorksheet compare to other products?
We know there are similar products on the market. But we believe WebWorksheet is a better product for these reasons:
Automatic calculation on cell change (no re-calculate button, unless you want one)
Tabbing stops only at input cells, not at every cell in the worksheet
Easier to convert and maintain spreadsheets
Easy to use functions for printing, emailing,saving, and creating dynamic forms
Generates clean, easy to read html (have you ever looked at some of the code generated by those
No 3rd party components required (e.g. Flash, Silverlight, Java, or DLLs) See how WebWorksheet compares to its largest competitor ...
All features in a single version (instead of standard and professional)
Works the same in Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Apple Safari
WebWorksheet does not require special online accounts for publishing a worksheet to the web - you use your existing website, not a shared, public location.
What doesn't WebWorksheet do?
We will not mislead you regarding the capabilities of our product. If we know it can't do something, we'll say so, allowing you to make the best decision for your needs and budget. Here's a list of what we don't support (yet):
Interactive charts and graphs - static charts are fine.
Some complex financial and engineering functions, including most of the functions in the Analysis Toolpak. If you need one of those functions, please contact us. We can oftentimes add them at no cost within a few days.
Graphic objects (boxes, lines, etc)
Pivot tables
Excel VBA macros - these must be converted to Javascript, and while we have utilities to expedite the conversion, they still require some manual editing. Contact us for more details.
Want more information?
To find out more about the detailed features and capabilities of WebWorksheet, you can view the latest release of the user manual.
Or check out our blog for tips on using WebWorksheet effectively.
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