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If you're like us, you like to compare products before you buy. And we like to know what our competitors are up to. So we've compared WebWorksheet to our leading competitor, Spreadsheet Converter, and listed the results here. Hopefully this will assist you with your decision.
Feature/Attribute WebWorksheet Spreadsheet Converter More Info
Development environment Excel Add-In Excel Add-In
Versions of Excel Supported 2003 - 2019, O365 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016
3rd Party Components Required None .NET, Yahoo Widgets, node.js learn more . . .
Multiple editions (Standard/Professional) No Yes
Price $75 USD $494 USD
Company Location Wisconsin Sweden
Email support Lifetime 6 months
Free Upgrades Lifetime Minor releases only learn more . . .
Integration with MySQL Yes No learn more . . .
Tab/enter moves to next input Yes No
Formula and data encryption Yes No learn more . . .
Dynamic hiding and showing of rows Yes No learn more . . .
Configure format of active cell Yes No learn more . . .
W3C compliant code Yes No
HTML runs on mobile devices Yes No learn more . . .
Conditional formatting Yes No
Reset button available Yes No learn more . . .
Cell changes based on button events Yes No learn more . . .
Charts Bar charts only Yes learn more . . .
Convert multiple worksheets Each done independently Yes
Max number of rows 2,000 1,000
Remember conversion settings per file Yes Yes learn more . . .
Unlimited deployment of pages Yes No learn more . . .
Excel required in browser or server No No
Supported Excel functions 100 170
Advanced statistical functions No No
Analysis ToolPak functions No No
Advanced financial functions No No
Date calculations Yes Yes
Immediate recalculation Yes Yes
Formulas protected from editing Yes Yes
Calculated HYPERLINKs Yes Yes
Excel macros supported Kinda No learn more . . .
Dropdown menus Yes Yes
List boxes Yes Yes
Radio buttons No Yes
Checkbox Yes Yes
Button with link Yes Yes
Slider No Yes
Rating No Yes
Calendar Yes Yes
Multi-line text fields Yes Yes
Comments become tooltips Yes Yes
Immediate formatting of entered numbers Yes Yes
Images Yes Yes
Borders Yes Yes
Font, font size Yes Yes
Colors, background Yes Yes
Hidden cells handled correctly Yes Yes
Automatic hide of ranges used by lookup operations No Yes learn more . . .
Emailing of completed forms Yes Yes
Please Note: These comparisons are based on content provided on the Spreadsheet Converter website as of September 2019.
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