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Following are examples of actual Microsoft Excel spreadsheets converted to fully-functional webforms using WebWorksheet. To view the web page generated by WebWorksheet, click on the image of the worksheet. Each of the examples will open in a new tab in your browser.
Simple Timesheet Event Budget Tracking Weekly Expense Report
This is a simple worksheet that is available from Microsoft's library of Office templates. Another example from the Microsoft Office template library with more formatting and formulas. A form which includes cell validation and can be emailed when completed.
Customer Satisfaction Survey Product Configurator Password Protected Page
This form gathers input from your customers on your company's performance. The completed survey can be emailed to a predefined address. It also demonstrates how an intelligent form can be created which hides and shows sections based on user input (see question #7). This form allows the user to select the configuration of a home computer and automatically calculates the total price based on the selected options. All the data used in the selections is stored within the worksheet in hidden rows and columns. The contents of a page can also be protected with a password, so all the data and formulas are encrypted using highly secure algorithms. Enter the password 'webworksheet' (without the quotes) to open this page. Once open, use the right-click menu to view the page source to see how your data is protected from view.
Employment Application Filtering and Sorting Database Query
This example demonstrates how sections of a form can be expanded or collapsed by the user, how the format of the active cell can be customized, and how the form can be changed based on a button click. This page demonstrates real-time filtering and sorting of data in columns. You define which columns can be filtered and sorted and the data range to be included. This example displays data retrieved from a MySQL database based on changing criteria, and also utilizes conditional formatting to highlight the currently selected letter in the Rolodex.
Order Entry Form Dependent Dropdowns Manual Calculation
This example demonstrates how forms can be saved in a MySQL database, and product images are displayed when the mouse points to an item. This page shows how options displayed in a dropdown can be dependent on the selection in another dropdown. Webworksheet also supports a manual calculation mode where formulas are not calculated until a button is clicked by the user.
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