Things to notice with this example:
The tab order moves down the columns instead of across the rows. The tab order can be defined using the wwsTabOrder() function.
A message is displayed to the user when the print button is clicked. This is defined using the wwsPrintButton() function.
Conditional formats are used to turn the Actual red if it exceeds the Estimate.
Event Budget
Estimated Actual
Total Expenses
Estimated Actual Estimated Actual
Site Refreshments
Room and hall fees Food
Site staff Drinks
Equipment Linens
Tables and chairs Staff and gratuities
Totals Totals
Decorations Program
Flowers Performers
Candles Speakers
Lighting Travel
Balloons Hotel
Paper supplies Other
Totals Totals
Publicity Prizes
Graphics work Ribbons/Plaques/Trophies
Photocopying/Printing Gifts
Postage Totals
Miscellaneous Special Instructions
Stationery supplies
Fax services