Things to notice with this example:
You can expand or hide each of the seed sections by clicking on the seed type (e.g. Beans, Lettuce). This uses the wwsToggle() function.
If you hover over the name of each Bean type, an image will appear. This is done by inserting an image into the Excel comment.
When the Order Now button is clicked, all the values will be stored in a MySQL database and then you will be shown a list of all submitted orders. This uses the wwsSaveButton() function.
When the data is saved, the email address is removed to protect your privacy. This uses the wwsUserClicked() and wwsSetCell() functions.
Green Thumb Seed Company
Order Total:
Price/Packet Item Qty Item Total
- Beans
Bush Beans $0.33
Golden Wax $0.40
Lima $0.38
- Lettuce
Iceberg $0.29
Romaine $0.55
Reds Greens $0.55
- Peppers
California Wonder $0.31
Yellow Banana $0.44
Jalapeno $0.89
Sweet Mix $0.75
Contact Information
State Zip