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WebWorksheet publishes any Microsoft Excel Worksheet to the web as a fully functional web page, preserving all the logic and formatting of the original spreadsheet. Now you can use Excel to generate professional looking forms, calculators, reports, and web pages without having to hire professional programmers and web designers.
How it works
WebWorksheet is deployed as an add-in for Microsoft Excel. Simply use Excel to develop any form or calculator you wish to deploy. Identify the cells which require user input, and then execute the WebWorksheet macro. An html file will be created which looks and acts exactly as the original spreadsheet. Excel functions are transparently replicated using javascript to provide real-time calculations. This .htm file is then deployed to your website. If you can use Excel, you can deploy any workbook to the web. It's just that easy.
Who uses it?
• Small businesses use it to create online forms which can be automatically emailed.
• Sales managers use it to distribute current inventory and pricing lists to the field.
• Teachers use it to publish schedules and practice exams on their school websites.
• Accounting managers use it to collect timesheets from the employees.
• Purchasing departments use it to publish RFP evaluation forms.
• System analysts and project managers use it for prototyping web screens.
• Mortgage companies and realtors use it to publish mortgage calculators.
• Attorneys use it to publish alimony calculators on their website.
Anyone that uses Microsoft Excel can use it!
Latest News
6 April 2023 - A major rewrite is underway for release 4.0, with significant new features and performance. Stay tuned!
7 January 2023 - Thanks to all our customers for making 2022 another record year for sales! 2023 is looking to be another great year!
5 January 2014 - WebWorksheet release 3.4 is released for general availability.
15 August 2013 - WebWorksheet 3.3 is released. New features include a popup date picker, more functions for building intelligent forms, and support for more Excel functions.
16 May 2012 - WebWorksheet 3.2 is released for general availability. In addition to several minor fixes, this release contains the ability to encrypt and protect web page content.
Excel, worksheet, web, website, conversion, html, form, Microsoft, webpage, convert, publish, save, create
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